Zoom Instructions

If you haven’t already got Zoom…………

These are the instructions to get Zoom on your device.  You can use any device (iPad, iPhone, Tablet, PC **with microphone and camera**, Android) but it works best on a laptop.  Your device should have a camera and microphone built-in.  You only need to do the following once, not before each meeting or session.

Getting the Zoom App:

For LAPTOPS and PCs:

Go to zoom.us

a)  Select the dropdown box under “Resources”. (Top of screen)

b)  Select “Download Zoom Client” from the dropdown list and the download centre page will open.

c) Under  “Zoom Client for Meetings” click the download button and the file entitled “Zoomclientinstaller.exe” will download. Its progress will appear on the bottom left of your screen.

d)  Once the download has finished double click the icon and the installer will run and walk you through the set up process.  You will need your email address and a password.

For Mobile Devices:

Go to the Apple Appstore or the Google Playstore and search for Zoom. The one you want has a Camera Icon.

Joining a Meeting:

For each meeting or session, you will likely be sent three pieces of information:

– a meeting number

– a meeting password

AND a clickable link.

Manual joining: To join the session, open your Zoom app (see above) and click Join, then type in the meeting number and click the Join button. You will then be asked for the password. Type in the password numbers (NO spaces), and the Join Meeting button. The screen will then tell you if the meeting has started and your leader will let you in, or that the meeting hasn’t started yet.

Link joining: Open your Zoom app. If you click the link, you should be taken directly to your installed app. However, if you are doing this on a laptop and haven’t opened your Zoom app, you may be taken to the zoom.us page again. Do NOT reinstall the software, because you already have it. Instead, close/cancel the popup window and look for the Launch meeting option in the bottom line of the big white window. (Don’t worry, it will make sense when you see this happen.) Continue as for manual joining. You will not be asked to type in any numbers.

Once the meeting starts:

You will be asked to join with your video. Click yes unless instructed otherwise by your leader.

You will be asked to start your microphone. Click yes so that you will be able to speak to the group. Your speakers to hear the meeting should be fine from the beginning.

During the meeting:

Only one or two people can speak at a time. Two speaking at a time can be confusing. Groups generally find their feet after the first meeting. Take the instructions from your meeting leader for how your session will operate.

There is much more that can be done with Zoom, but this will get you started.

Have fun! We may be physically separated, but we do not have to be alone.