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Tutor Information

New Tutors

Casey U3A depends on tutors volunteering to pass on some of their hard-won experience and abilities to others in an essentially social and fun atmosphere.  If you are interested in becoming a tutor then email the Tutor Liaison Officer or phone 0437 083 536. A short interview will be arranged to map out the process of becoming a tutor.

Existing Tutors

Tutors have almost complete control of their class via the on line “Tutor’s Portal”. Using this portal you can:

  • Change class session dates
  • Change the class size
  • Move students on and off the wait list
  • Remove students from your class
  • Obtain contact and emergency contact data for your students
  • Print an attendance report (class roll) at any time
  • Mark the roll
  • Add an additional class using the same course
  • Move students between your classes

There are actually two tutor portals:

  • A Practice Portal you can use to get familiar with the various processes without doing any damage to the live database. Each night a copy of the live database overwrites the practice database
  • The Live Portal where any changes you make are for real.
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