Conflict of Interest Policy

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Policy Guideline 08 – Conflict of Interest


This policy will apply to situations where the personal interests of an individual or group of individuals directly conflict with the best interests of Casey U3A, Inc.  its members or clients or where the decisions or actions of individuals may be influenced by their personal interest rather than those of the organisation.

This will include situations in which:

* Close personal friends or family members are involved, such as decisions about employment, discipline or dismissal, service allocation or awarding of contracts

* An individual or their close friends or family members may make a financial gain or gain some other form of advantage.

* An individual is involved with another organisation that is in a competitive relationship with CaseyU3A, Inc.  and therefore may have access to our plans or financial information.

* An individual is bound by prior agreements or allegiances to other individuals or agencies that require them to act in the interests of that person or agency or to take a particular position on an issue


Actions and decisions taken at all levels in Casey U3A, Inc.  need to be informed, objective and fair. A conflict of interest may affect the way a person acts, decisions they make, or the way they vote in group decisions. Conflicts of interest need to be identified and action taken to ensure that personal or individual interests do not affect the services, activities or decisions of Casey U3A, Inc.


  1. CaseyU3A, Inc.  is committed to ensuring that personal or individual interests that conflict with the interests of the organisation are identified and managed so that they do not affect the services, activities or decisions of the organisation. Specifically we will –

(a) Require those members with a conflict (or those who think they may have a conflict) to disclose the conflict /potential conflict, and

(b) Prohibit those members from voting on any matter in which they are in conflict.

  1. Often people are unaware that their activities or personal interests are in conflict with the best interests of the organisation so a necessary goal is to simply raise awareness, encourage disclosure and discussion of anything that may be a conflict, and constantly encourage a “culture of candor.”


3.Casey U3A, Inc. will make it a regular practice to take time at a Committee Meeting at least once a year to discuss the types of hypothetical situations that could result in a conflict of interest, and then discuss how the Committee would manage that potential conflict so that when a real conflict arises, the Committee will be ready to handle it with more ease. The minutes of that Committee Meeting should briefly indicate that the matter of conflict of interest was raised and discussed.

  1. All members will be made aware of this policy.


 The Committee of Management of Casey U3A, Inc. will establish, implement, publicise and review this policy.



  1. This Conflict of Interest Policy was adopted by the Committee of Management of Casey U3A, Inc. and minuted as such, on October 26, 2015
  1. This policy will be published by the Committee of Management of Casey U3A, Inc. on its website within 4 weeks of the date of this authorisation.