How To Join

Welcome to Casey U3A

We look forward to your joining in the academic and social activities with us.

Firstly, you will need to apply to join us by giving us your details. You can do this online now or by completing a printed application form.
Please note, you must have an email address to use the online facilities.

Membership Fees: $35 $25 per year in 2021 ($12.50 if joining after June 30).
If you are a current member of another U3A and have your membership number and a receipt for the current year with that U3A, you can join Casey U3A for $10, $5 from July to December 2021.

Members of Casey U3A may enrol in any number of available classes subject to acceptance by the Tutor.


If you’re ready to join on line, here is what to do

Step 1. Choose a class to join from the links after these instructions

You can:

  • pick a day that suits you. Click the class button below for that day (e.g. “Thursday”) and bring up all the classes that run on that day; OR
  • click on the “All Days” button to bring up all the classes in course name sequence; OR
  • click on a Category button (e.g. “Humanities”) to bring up the classes in that category.

The status of each class is shown as Waitlist or Open. Classes on waitlist are full and there may not be much point in choosing one of them to get started. However, enrolments are fluid at the beginning of terms, so you might get lucky!


Step 2. Apply for membership.


To enter the joining process on line CLICK HERE or post your form to Casey U3A.


Supply the details requested and click Next.


Step 3. Pay your Membership fee.

You will be given the opportunity to enrol in further classes. If you were successful in obtaining a place in at least one class, you will be asked to pay your membership fee:

  • Pay on line via Paypal. You can use a credit card assigned to Paypal (not directly via credit card) or your Paypal account (if you have one).
  • Pay later by mailing a cheque to Casey U3A, payable to Casey U3A Inc.
  • Direct Funds Transfer information has been provided to members via email. If you wish to pay in this manner, please advise during your enrolment process or contact us.

Print your enrolment record and record your Id and Password so you can continue to work on line.

Available Classes by Day:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
All Days

Available Classes by Category:

Arts/Crafts Humanities Languages Exercise
Lifestyle Science Computers