Fiddler’s Green Casey U3A Updates – June 2017


This Semester finishes officially on June 30th. Some classes like to continue including Current Affairs, Coffee and Discussion and The Games Club. Current Affairs now starts at 10am. The Second Semester starts on August 1st.

Current Members do not re-enrol. If you want to join another class please ring our Membership Officer, Steve Shutt on 97075014.

Classes finished for this year include Food for Medicine, Preventing Dementia, Singing for Pleasure and Models to Scale.

Basic Computers will start on September 7th if there are enough applicants. There will be a second Book Club on the first Friday of the month from 1.30 to 3.30 in the Craft Room.

As Peter will be absent there will be no Soap Box on June 25th

It is on July 2nd at 2pm in the Craft Room. The subject will be “My earliest Memories” Come along and stay for coffee and a chat afterwards.

There is room in the Games Club for those who enjoy 500 plus other games and in the Coffee and Discussion for Enquiring Minds.

Call Peter Fleming on 0418557808 if you would like more information.

Our end of Semester Social, Keyboard and The Art Display is being held on June 24th from 2pm. This is for members only but the Art Display will be open Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for all to see. Look but don’t touch.

The Golden Time Playgroup will be here on June 2nd 16th and 30th we would like to see more residents join in the fun.

Class lists, Timetable and Enrolment Forms are available at the Fiddlers Green office or you can download from the internet. There are updates and Programme Timetable on the U3A Notice Board. Call me on 97071604 if you want more information.

Connie Condron.

Committee Member