Class Description 2021 – updated May 26, 2021

Casey U3A. 2021 classes.

4 Medium Art Group

This class will cater for different mediums such as Watercolour, Pastel, Acrylic, and Mixed Medium. Both beginners and advanced artist are welcome. Learn to prepare the canvas, the use of colour and brushes. The tutor works with each student to enhance his/her skills. Students are encouraged to develop their own style in their medium of choice.

1300 – 1500. Fiddlers Green, Craft Room.  Tuesday. Weekly.

Tutor: Marten Byl.

Art Appreciation.

This is a class with a difference. Once a month we take a City of Casey bus, visit 2 art galleries and enjoy a meal out. Most galleries are free, but sometimes there is an entrance fee. 
Note: there will be a $5 head charge per trip, to contribute towards bus costs.

1000.  At Fiddlers Green.  4th Friday each month.

Chris Trimnell / Lynne MacDonald  

Arthritis Exercises

Gentle Exercise is one of the main components to manage the debilitating effects of Arthritis. This class moves the body gently using both western and eastern systems of body work. Some seated exercise is combined with standing and movement. Qigong (Chigong) breathing and movement are involved to make this class both relaxing and energising.

0930 – 1030. Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House. Tuesday. Weekly.

Tutor: Maxine Gardener

Bicycle Club.

We have a variety of rides and try to cater for all levels of fitness (E-Bikes welcome), distances vary from 25Km to 50Km but always with a break approximately midway for coffee (occasionally a lunch is involved if the starting point is some distance away)

We usually meet mostly at Dandenong Basketball Centre or Sweeney Reserve, occasionally we go further afield, e.g. Woori Yallock to ride the Warburton Rail Trail.

We cycle all year round, however we may cancel if it rains or if it is too hot.

A list of the rides is available if required.

The rides will start at 10:00 on each Thursday.

Tutor: Harold Simpson.

Book Club (1).

An informal group of readers meets once a month to discuss books read. A good way to widen our knowledge of authors and subjects. An agreed book is made available free of charge for you to read over the next month.

1830 – 2030.  Fiddlers Green Craft Room .  3rd Wed each month.

Tutor: Lynne MacDonald.

Book Club (2). “Between the Covers”

Casey/Cardinia Libraries provide a great book club service. Each month we get multiple copies of the same book to read and then we meet to discuss it. This is a great way to broaden your reading, discuss authors, plots etc. In exchange for the use of a room at the cafe, everyone is expected to purchase some afternoon tea – that’s not too difficult!

1300 – 1500.  “Little Ratoons” Cafe / Restaurant. 1st Friday each month.

Tutor: Chris Trimnell.

Book Club (3).  Nossal Literature Circle.

The group is comprised of students and staff of Nossal High School and members of Casey U3A. The group will meet at three weekly intervals during school terms. This intergenerational group is encouraged to discuss whichbooks they are reading in a friendly social environment.

1315 – 1430.  Library at Nossal High School. Tuesday (3weeks between classes).

Tutor: Kamla Reddy.

Book Club (4).

Casey/Cardinia Libraries provide a great book club service. Each month we get multiple copies of the same book to read and then we meet to discuss it. This is a great way to broaden your reading, discuss authors, plots etc.

1330 – 1500.  Fiddlers Green Craft Room.  1st Thursday each month.

Tutor: Kay Poade.


The Bushwalking group will take walks of between 3 and 4 hours including a break with the possibility of one or two longer walks each year. We would include some urban walks. We might use car-pooling and/or public transport on occasion. Advice will be given regarding the degree of difficulty of the walk. It is essential that members carry a drink and have good suitable footwear with soles that grip, Also sun hats and sunscreen should be carried.

1000 – 1330.  Various Walks. 1st Monday each month.

Tutor: Gerry McKellar.

Casey U3A Chess Club

Learn to play the great game of Chess. Beginners and experienced players are most welcome.

1400 – 1600. Fiddlers Green, Craft Room. Friday.  Weekly.

Tutor:  Matthew van Der Horst.

Coffee & Discussion for Enquiring Minds.

We will discuss topics in depth that have been chosen by the participants. We cover a wide range including Philosophy, Science, Religion, World events and trends, politics and the Arts. Participants will spend time researching the topics prior to discussion. We run two separate classes (1) on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month and (2) on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month. Both classes are from 1330 to 1530 at a private Berwick address.

Tutor:  Peter Fleming.

Computer Forums.

This will be a discussion / lecture around pending issues in computers and computer technology with demonstrations of solutions and/or plans of attack. Possible topics include; computer attacks (malware, ransom ware or viruses), security dangers and how to avoid, what and when to backup and why and other issues as they arise.

1000 – 1130. Fiddlers Green Craft Room. 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursday / month

Tutor: Noel Barlow.

Cryptic Crosswords.

Cruciverbalist – (a person who is skilled in or enjoys solving crosswords)
Solving cryptic crosswords is excellent brain exercise and can give hours of fun (?) and frustration. Sharing, at a beginner’s level, the aim of the class is to give students the skills to solve cryptic crosswords by firstly explaining and reviewing previously solved crosswords and then practice solving in a group environment.

1400 – 1600. Fiddlers Green Craft Room. Wednesday. Weekly.

Tutor: Tom Farrell.

Current Affairs.

Discuss local, national and overseas events and share knowledge and thoughts about them. The group also examines topics such as climate change, political processes and social questions. On occasion experts are invited to address the group on specific topics.  

1000 – 1100.   Fiddlers Green Craft Room.  Monday.  Weekly.

Tutor: Peter Fleming / Colin Whitney.


Drawing with pencil or ink. All materials are provided by the students. All levels welcome

The only criteria is that you like drawing. Support and assistance is provided by the tutor and other members. 

1000 – 1130. Old Cheese Factory. (Art Studio). Friday, Weekly.  

NEW. A 2nd class.  1000 – 1100.  Lynbrook Community Centre. Tuesday, Weekly.  

Tutors: Marten Byl. Jill Sparkes.

Empires in History. NEW

A look at significant empires of history through the lens of culture & politics; science & technology; construction & architecture; religion & military advances.
We plan on examining the Sumerian, Assyrian, Achaemenid Persian, Alexandrian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Turk, Incan and Holy Roman empires.

1300 – 1430. Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House.  Wednesday.  Weekly.

Tutor:  Wal Bristowe

Folk Dancing.

If you are reasonably nimble on your feet, come and join Gillian for eight weeks of light hearted fun and folk dancing.

1030 – 1130. Lynbrook Community Centre. Thursday.  For 8 weeks only.  Start 6 May.

Tutor: Gillian Ford

French Beginners

Though a Beginner class, the beginner-French does not start in 2021 with a’b’c‘. It’s a continuation of 2020 Covid -19 lockdown French zoom class. Newcomers are required to have some knowledge of French.
Topics covered: – Greetings, ask for directions, travel, shopping, anniversary, seasons, weather, countries – la france et les pays francophones, culture, civilisation, food. Grammar is included in the lessons.
Resources: textbooks “ca roule 2″. ca roule workbook.
Videos from youtube on culture, civilisation and French songs  

1130 – 1210. By ZOOM. Wednesday. Weekly.

Tutor: Lily Lam.

Intermediate French.

Pre-requisite: prior knowledge of the French language -e.g. did some years of French at high school. It’s a course that is designed for people who love the French language/singing as a past time activity. Alternatively, French lesson and singing French will be done in class, e.g. 1st week; French lesson 2nd week; singing French.
Topics: expressing opinions, tastes, tell stories, how to propose, accept and refuse in the French culture, argue, discuss. Grammar is included in the lessons.
Resources: Textbooks – tempo 2, tempo 2 cahier d”exercises avec cd.
videos: culture, civilisations, films,songs.

1230 – 1310 plus 1310 – 1350.  By ZOOM.  Wednesday, Weekly.

Tutor: Lily Lam.

Games Club

This class will be held at a private home. Bring your own game to teach others or learn a new one. Games provided will include table tennis, pool/billiards, card games, board games, physical games like Jenga etc. The most popular game is “500”and the most common sound is laughter.

1000 – 1200. Private Berwick Address. Wednesday. Weekly.

Tutor:  Peter Fleming.


An informal group of family historians furthering their research under the guidance of two experienced genealogists and exchanging ideas. We aim to help people with their research whether they are beginners or experienced, to break through those brick walls frustrating our research and introducing the members to interesting records both on and off the net to broaden their research and understand their ancestors lives. 

1000 – 1130. Fiddlers Green Craft Room. 2nd & 4th Thursday / month.

Tutors: Norma Ide.  Pauline Lyons. Noel Barlow.

Keeping a Sketchbook

For Urban Sketching, Travel/nature journals, visual diaries. Classes will cover different topics and include sketching exercises. Also tips on tools, materials, techniques, page layout.
For the first class bring a pencil, a fine marker pen or biro, cheap A5 paper, a board to draw on if this is a face-to-face class (and any other materials of choice).
Tutor’s website:

1300 – 1500.  ZOOM.  Friday.  Fortnightly for Semester 1.   Monthly for Semester 2.

Tutor: Kathleen Newman.

Line Dancing. Class1.

This is an established lively group. It has everything – music – dancing laughter – and above all enjoyment. If you enjoy exercise and music, then come and give this a go. Numbers maybe limited due to the size of the dance floor.

1000 – 1130. Fiddlers Green Auditorium. Wednesday. Weekly.

Tutor: Raelene Nowell.

NEW.  Line Dancing Class 2.

Line Dancing for beginners! 

Expect some gentle exercise, all kinds of music, lots of laughs and most importantly ….. enjoyment !

Research has shown that dancing is really good for older adults – improving strength, cardiovascular health and muscle function, as well as increasing balance, co-ordination and memory.

Numbers may be limited due to the size of the space available.

1030 – 1200.  Lynbrook Community Centre.  Friday.  Weekly.

Tutor: Kathy Smith.

Make Hand-Crafted Cards

In this digital world it is especially nice to receive a card in the mail – more so, a home crafted card!  Whether you are an experienced card maker or an interested beginner you are invited to come along and participate. Each week we will aim to create 2 cards.  Follow some guidelines or deviate and create your own! Most supplies will be on hand, but if everyone could bring along a pair of scissors and some glue (both liquid and double-sided tape) that would be helpful. Cost per session: $2 for materials.
1300 – 1400.  Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House.  2nd / 4th Tuesdays
Tutor: Chris Trimnell


Play the ancient game of Mahjong for fun and pleasure in a relaxed, friendly and non-competitive atmosphere. 
The aim of the group is to enjoy a friendly game amongst friends with a similar interest.

1400 – 1630.   Fiddlers Green Auditorium. Friday. Weekly.

Tutor: Gloria Davidson.

Men’s Outdoor Tai Chi.

“We are encouraging men to come and have a go at Tai Chi.
Taichi is amazing for balance and strength and is a martial art, yes, by slow movement rather than quick action, however, that is it’s power.
Come and try it out.  Are you up for it?”

1030 – 1130.  Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House (Parkland).  Monday x 6 weeks.  Start 7th June

Tutor:  Helen McGrath.

Music – Keyboard.

This course is designed for people who have a desire to play an electronic keyboard. Sheet music used by the tutor is mainly the East Play music such as that produced by Hal Leonard. Students first learn the correct fingering followed by how to play chords, with instruction on how to read and play sheet music.  Two classes available – Beginners and Advanced.

Beginners 0930 – 1100.  Advanced 1100 – 1300pm. Private Berwick Address.  Wednesday. Weekly.

Tutor: Cyril Alderton

Outdoor Tai Chi.

Have you ever been out somewhere in the early morning and spotted people making beautiful slow gently moves together in the morning air? Tai Chi outdoors is on offer to any seniors wanting to give it a try. My purpose is to encourage anyone to experience the health benefits and mental wellbeing learning TaiChi can bring, and being with others doing this is an added benefit.
Whether you are a Beginner or have had some experience in the past, these classes will suit you all. I am a senior myself and very happy to pass on my knowledge and have fun together.
This class will take place in the open Parkland behind the Neighbourhood House

0930 – 1030.  Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House (Parkland).  Monday. Weekly.

Tutor:  Helen McGrath

Painting – Oils.

This class offers inspiration and assistance alike. Members will use their knowledge to try different media and methods and encourage each other.

1000 – 1200. Fiddlers Green Craft Room & Multi-Purpose Room. Weekly.

Tutor: Pat Stone.

Patchwork & Quilting.

This class is for both machine and hand patchworkers. The work includes traditional patterns and applique work. We make bed quilts, wall hangings, table mats, runners, bags etc. One sewing machine is available, also cutting boards, rulers and iron. Students are asked to bring their own cutters.

1000 – 1200. Fiddlers Green Craft Room. Friday. Weekly.

Tutor: Pat Bird.

Philosophical Discussion.

Philosophy enters every aspect of life. We will discuss ideas rather than facts. We will ask questions, both related to everyday life and some of the so called “Big Questions”. Our aim will be to gain understanding while we seek, in discussion, some answers to these questions with the timeless vision of philosophy.  Individual class members will be encouraged to lead discussions on a topic of their choosing on a rotating basis.

1000 – 1130. Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House. Multi Function Room.  Thursday. Weekly.

Tutor: Kerry Doherty.

Pyrographic Art.

Master the basic techniques of this decorative art. Learn how to transfer designs onto timber using a hot etching method. This technique can be used to produce a wide range of household items such as wall hangings, coasters, clocks and door signs.

1000 – 1200.  Lynbrook Community Centre.  Weekly, Monday.

Tutor: Karen Secomb.


Slow gentle exercises practised in China for thousands of years for meditation, balance and concentration. The exercises range from breathing techniques through gentle repetitive movements to more difficult sequences involving concentration, balance and flexibility.  Two separate classes available; (1) on a Monday at Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House.  1000 – 1100, and (2) also on a Monday at Selandra Community Hub.  1300 – 1400.

Tutor: Gillian Ford.

Qigong – Moving & Still Meditation.

Members of this class learn an Eastern way of improving health of the body and mind. Members learn to combine breath, movement and mind intention to improve health on all levels of life. Qigong is gentle and complex, relaxing and energising. The list of benefits from practising Qigong are too many to list here, but can easily be researched on Google. Simply put – Life becomes more enjoyable.

1030 – 1200. Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House. Tuesday. Weekly.

Tutor: Maxine Gardner.

Scrabble with Casey U3A
Retirees – did you know that health and longevity are closely related to socialising and to keeping your brain active? Playing board games like Scrabble can help achieve both goals! Come to Brain Training and then consider staying on… Weekly for 6 weeks: Thursdays: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th April and 6th, 13th May.

1400 – 1530.  Bunjil Place Library.  Starts Thursday 3rd June.  4 weeks only

Tutor:  Annette Spencer.

Spirituality in the 21st Century.

This course is for those who believe that there is more to spirituality than religion, and should come with a warning that religious sensitivities will be challenged. Spirituality transcends tribal religions and at the same time can deepen your particular faith journey. The method of teaching is to play a series of DVDs and encourage participants to interrupt with comments and questions.

1330 – 1430. Fiddlers Green Craft Room. Monday. Weekly.

Tutor: Tony Duncan.

Strum Club

This class will cater for those who already play guitar and would like to join with others, or for those who have a guitar sitting at home that they would like to learn how to play. The class will provide a basic introduction to playing guitar by strumming. You’ll learn to play a range of songs and those who can sing will be encouraged to sing along too. Playing a musical instrument is fun and rewarding in itself, but it’s also a great brain booster!

1300 – 1500.  Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House.. 2nd & 4th Tuesday / month.

Tutor: Edward Nass.


Learn the ancient Chinese Taiqi exercises.  Benefits are numerous for your body and mind, ie better balance, pain relief, sharper mind, improved mood, heart health to name a few.

Beginners class will be taught the Beijing 24 Form step by step to start with, followed by various other popular Forms including Fan-style Taiqi over time.  All Forms are suitable for all ages. 

Two classes available

Beginners 10.00 – 11.00 and Advanced 1100 – 1200. Woodlands Park Retirement Village. Friday. Weekly.

Tutor:  Christina Yong.

 Note:  Students should NOT park in front of the Community building. Plenty of parking at the back of the building.

Table Tennis.

Combine exercise, laughter and a little friendly competition and what do you get?  Table Tennis is the answer!  Come along and play to your strengths in a friendly and fun atmosphere, meet new people and improve your game.  Any level of player is most welcome – experienced or those

1300 – 1400. Lynbrook Community Centre.  Thursdays. Weekly.

Tutor: Jill Sparkes.

Tech Tasters.

These are four “taster classes” under the guidance of a trained Casey Tech lecturer. Each class examines and explores aspects of science and technology and will be conducted in the Tech’s state of the art classrooms and laboratories. The classes and dates are:

Session 1: “Microscopic Art” (using a microscopic camera to create original art works)
Session 2: “Renewable Energy” (examine factors that affect the use of renewable energy)
Session 3: “DNA Testing” (how to use DNA to detect diseases)
Session 4: “Robotics” (programming robots to solve a series of challenges)
Attendees to attend all sessions.

1500 – 1600.  Casey Tech School. Thursday. Weekly for 4 weeks only.  Start 3 June.

Tutor: Kara Stuart

Ted Talks by Zoom.  NEW

Review a wide range of interesting topics: climate change, medical breakthrough to what make a good life. Do you agree with the experts or have alternative thoughts? Join in and share your ideas.

1500 – 1600.  ZOOM. Wednesday.  Weekly.

Tutor:  Joan Gaudion.

The Literature Class.

For those who like to read novels, plays, poetry, and non fiction – and who enjoy the opportunity to raise questions and express opinions about meanings, themes, and interpretations. We include some classics as well as contemporary writing. Works are selected by the members of the group.

For more information Phone Terry: – 0418381352

1000 – 1200.   Fiddlers Green Craft Room. Tuesday. Weekly.

Tutor:  Terry Trewavas.


If you’ve never played the ukulele before but are interested to learn the basics, then this is the class for you! Learn by playing songs and having FUN in a friendly supportive atmosphere. You will need your own ukulele. Feel free to ask for advice. Anyone with some previous experience is also welcome to come along.  Tutor: Danny Hume

1130-1230.  Lynbrook Community Centre.  Monday.  Weekly.

Tutor: Danny Hume.

Walking Football.   NEW

Walking Football is suitable for both male and female seniors. It is a modified version of soccer with 3 important rules.
No Running; No physical contact; and the ball cannot be kicked higher than shoulder height. It is played in teams of 5 or 6 with an unlimited number of substitute players. We will be using a grassed area at Akoonah Park.

1000 – 1100.  Akoonah Park.  Wednesday.  Weekly.

Tutor: Tony Duncan.

Walking Group (1)

Wildlife, birds and trees are a delight to behold making a very pleasant journey for walkers. There is no pressure to compete or complete a given course. Come along and join this very friendly group. We walk in various local parks and reserves. We often go for coffee afterwards. You will be contacted with the meeting place details.

0930 – 1030. Various walks. Tuesday. Weekly.

Tutors: Colin & Jenny Whitney.

Walking Group (2) & Dog Walking.

This dog walking class is an excellent social and exercise opportunity for both you and your doggy friends. Probable walking places will be Berwick Springs Wetlands, Wilsons Botanic Park, Akoonah Park, Kurll Park (1001 Steps). Walks will take place weekly on a Wednesday for approximately 1 hour. Walkers must clear up after their dog and show respect for the area. Contact Pam for more information. 0490 523 739.

A dog is not necessary

0930 – 1030.   Various Walks. Wednesdays. Weekly.

Tutor: Pam Cummings / Jill Sparkes.

Writing Creatively Workshops.

Do you like to write? Would you like to share what you write and listen to others sharing their work? Would you like to be given a topic or theme, or choose your own; and see where it takes you?
A bit like being at school really – only no exams or grades, just sharing with likeminded people. You will need anA4 or Foolscap Exercise Book or loose leaf folder, a pen and pencil, coloured pencils and whatever else you need to present your work for yourself and others to enjoy.

1400 – 1700.  Private Berwick Address. 2nd Sunday / month.

Tutor:  Lynne MacDonald.

World Travel.

Find out about great locations to visit overseas.
Come along and bring any memorabilia you have or simply enjoy the experience.  Held at Bunjil Place Library.
Two sessions – June and August
Booking for this course is through the Bunjil Place Library WEB site.

1230 – 1345.  Bunjil Place Library.  Only 2 sessions.  10 June and 12 August

Tutor:  Malcolm Owen

Zumba – Gold

Dance along to Latin inspired rhythms while getting fit and having FUN! This low impact class is led by a qualified Zumba instructor and is tailored for seniors. It relieves stress, improves heart health and helps increase balance and co-ordination.  Tutor: Kerry Auch-Schwelk??
1300-1400.   Lynbrook Community Centre. Monday. Weekly.

Tutor.  Kerry Auch-Schwelk.

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