Carer Policy/Instructions


Welcome! Thank you for attending a Casey U3A class as a carer. We are grateful that
your assistance enables our member to attend their chosen class.

We ask that you read the following instructions to enable your visit to be enjoyable and
safe for both yourself, the member in your care and the other members in the same

  •  Casey U3A Inc are not registered service providers under the NDIS. We do not
    address the legislated disability service standards. Because we are a Not for Profit
    Community group it is inappropriate for us to offer or deliver services we are not
    qualified to deliver.
  •  Whilst attending one of our classes we ask that you accompany the member in
    your care at all times and assist them to participate in class activities so far as is
    safe and your role allows.
  • The member in your care may be excluded from from any class activity or use of
    any equipment if assessed as unsafe due to age, knowledge, ability, or intellect.
  •  Please contact the Tutor or Class Leader if you consider that the member under
    your care may be being placed in jeopardy through attempting an activity which
    you consider to be unsafe. The Tutor may wish to pass the issue to Casey U3A
    Committee of Management.
  •  It is the policy of Casey U3A that if anyone, attending one of our classes, requires
    urgent medical assistance the procedure is to call “000” and request an
  •  As you are attending a Casey U3A auspiced class or activity we request that you
    complete an application form to ensure that we have a record of your details. You will be enrolled as an Honorary member, at no cost, for as long as you attend with the member under your care.

Thank you for your understanding.

This Instruction to Carers was adopted by the Committee of Management of Casey U3A
and minuted as such on 28th November 2019.