What is the University of the Third Age?

 It is a voluntary community organisation that provides low-cost learning to older people, enabling them to keep both mentally and physically active and alert.

 What is the Third Age?

The Third Age refers to the period of time after the First Age of Childhood and the Second Age of Employment and Parental Responsibility, often called “the age of active retirement”.

 History of U3A.

 The concept of a place for learning for older, mature citizens, with more leisure time on their hands, was launched in France in 1972. The success of this experiment led to the rapid spread of U3As to many other countries and to recognition by the UN and UNESCO.

The first Australian U3A was formed in Melbourne in 1984. U3As were soon established throughout Victoria and the movement spread to the rest of Australia and New Zealand. The current membership is about 70, 000. There are presently 106 U3As in Victoria totalling 34,000 members.

All Victorian U3As are members of the U3A Network – Victoria Inc. whose mission is “to provide a central linkage and resource facility for all member U3As and to promote the roles and values of U3As as providers of life-long learning.”

 Casey U3A Inc

Our U3A started in 1991 in Jennings Fiddlers Green Retirement Village in Berwick and was known as Jennings U3A. From the beginning, the membership was open not only to the persons living in the Village but to all. When Jennings sold the Village, the name was changed to Berwick District U3A Inc. As the membership grew and the new members came from the area covered by the City of Casey, the members decided to rename the organisation to Casey U3A Inc. in 2003. Our present membership is about 300.

A Committee of 12 elected members, all volunteers, runs the Casey U3A Inc. However, our policy is to engage as many members as possible to organise their own activities by drawing on the skills of one another.

You can join if you are of mature age and retired or semi-retired. You do not need any qualification. There are no examinations or assessments. No Degrees or Diplomas are awarded as the rewards lie in the satisfaction of learning and participation.

There is no limit to the classes that can be offered providing tutors or class leaders are available and there are enough participants interested in the subject. Click on Programs Button to see the current program.

The annual membership subscription for a calendar year is $35.  You may attend as many programs as you wish or can cope with. Additional small cost may apply in some programs for materials and class notes.

 If you would like to join us  Click here  – having problems, contact membership officer  – 0478 226 521     


GO TO THE MEMBERSHIP TAB and DOWNLOAD A FORM, print it and post it back to the Secretary


YOU CAN JOIN ONLINE AT “HOW TO JOIN” (you will be taken to another website, so don’t panic; it looks different).